Wetrooms are very much the vogue and must have for bathroom design. In my opinion, Advanced Wetrooms are the experts in this field. Our practice has worked with Advanced Wetrooms for a number of years on numerous projects, they offer an exceptional personal and professional service from site survey right down to installation.

Emma Mc Cracken
MBA Associates London 

PROJECT: Nursing Home First Floor Shower Rooms

Requirement: 3 level access shower rooms
“We were renovating a grade two listed building and converting it into a nursing home. The Client requested that the home had level access wet rooms for residents with reduced mobility. We were concerned about undertaking the job ourselves as it was an old building and our team had limited experience of wet rooms installation. Wetroom Materialss provided a fantastic solution and also took over the installation. We were very pleased with the results and have since used Advanced Wet rooms on two new builds.

John O’Brien
Stravard Construction

PROJECT: Private Bathroom Installation

Requirement: Wet room installation in Surrey UK “I am involved in private bathroom renovations around Surrey.  Wetroom Materials provide a comprehensive arrange of products which enable you to create secure water tight wet room foundations.  To me it’s of up most importance to use the best products, if your wet room is installed incorrectly the consequents are disastrous and extremely costly!  Unidrain is a fantastic product. With one way slopes to the linear drain it makes tiling a wetroom a breeze!

Project: New Build
Client: Mr & Mrs C Taylor
Location: Edinburgh

We were commissioning a new build with three wet rooms. One in the Master bedroom, one in the guest En suite and our daughters room.

Wetroom Materials were introduced to us by our architect. They completed a full site survey, met the plumber, builder and myself and went through the full installation service.

When the site survey was completed we were left with a clear understanding of what was involved. After considering the many options available with the Linear drains range, we decided to go with the Highline Drain.

The Installer turned up on time, worked well and finished the job to our agreed schedule.

We are delighted with our wet room and of course safe in the knowledge that we now have a 100% watertight surface.

Project: Renovation to Bungalow
Client: Mr Baker
Location: London

I needed to create a level access for wheelchair use. I found Wetroom Materials on the Internet and their sales service and technical support was very good.Their installer created the foundations for me and my Son tiled the room.

Now I have accessible shower room and not a bathroom I could no longer use.

Project: Renovation and conversion of downstairs cloakroom
Client: Wendy Smart
Location: London

Renovation and conversion of downstairs cloakroom

We wanted to create an additional bathroom during our house renovation. We were unsure if this was possible due to the small size of the room. We spoke to Wetroom Materials and went through the design process and realised they had the ideal solution and advised us on the best use of the available space we had.

My husband is a keen DIY enthusiast and so we were able to create and install the wet room ourselves.

We found this company very helpful and gave advise freely; we are now considering turning our upstairs bathroom into a wet room as well.

Project: Georgian Property
Client: Paul Davies
Location: Nottinghamshire

We had bought an old Georgian property and we wanted to convert the 1st floor bathroom to a wet room. We had some concerns about installing a wet room because of the age of the building and we also needed to protect the fabric of the house from water damage.

We found Wetroom Materials on the Internet and their installation guides reassured us that what we wanted was possible. Their technical Sales Dept. gave use advice on the most suitable products for the house and how to install the foundations ourselves.

We had a go and found it relatively easy to install and we waterproofed the complete bathroom.

PROJECT: A local tennis club were experiencing water migration issues from both the Ladies and Gents shower rooms.

A local Architect firm based in Rathmines were brought on board to put forward a fail safe solution to solve this problem. After much research we decided to use Wetroom Materials to install their Scandinavian Wet room System. In our opinion the drains, together with the screed and membranes along with the flexi tile adhesive offered a complete solution to this particular problem.

This wet room system ticks all the boxes for us and we have since specified this system in other projects.

PROJECT: Sandyford Architectural Practice

Dermot Hughes came to our company some years ago to present a CPD on Wet room drains and Tanking Systems. We were very impressed, not only by the quality of their tanking products but also by the innovation they could bring to wet room design using the Unidrain Linear Drain System. (Drains designed to go up against the wall)

More importantly we liked the idea that they would install the system and offer a guarantee against leaks. Since then we have specified Wetroom Materials into almost all our projects and to date we have had no issues.

As you can see we would highly recommend this company for any wet room project.