About Wetroom Materials

Wetroom Materials ( Formely Advanced Wetrooms ) was founded in 1997 with the purpose of supplying the UK and Irish market with Wet room products . Wetroom Materials is a trading name of Advanced Materials Ltd. Outside of our Installation Service our product offering can be broken down as follows:

DIY Wet Room Kits


Wet Room Drains


DIY Waterproofing Membrane Kit


Wet Room Screeds and Tile Adhesive


Our History

At an early stage in our history, it became apparent that there was a skill and knowledge shortage in area of Wet Room installation. Advanced Wetrooms was set up to address this issue and a team of installers were send to Scandinavia to learn this trade and acquire these skills. In turn Advanced Wetrooms became the installation arm of Wetroom Materials and therefore it gave us the capability of offering a turnkey service and provide the necessary training on site. This was an important move for Wetroom Materials as we were now in a position to not only supply the products but could also install and offer a no leak 10 year guarantee. Architects and Builders alike could now specify a wet room with a high degree of confidence and at the same time have easy access to the technical knowledge under one roof. Since 1997, we have extended and evolved our offering to cater for the growing sophistication of the market. We are recognised as a supplier that has brought a Unique range of patented products and solutions to the market. Patented Wall mounted Invisible Drains called Unidrain Highline , an integrated wall mounted Drain and Glass Screen solution , Glassline and DIY Wet Room Kits under our Unislope Product range have made us stand out among our peers.