Waterproofing Tanking Kits


It is approved to bond to the metal flanges of the drain , concrete surfaces, wood and bathroom construction boards. It dries as a one piece water proofing sheet and is designed to cope with up to 4mm of movement in a structure before membrane will breach.

Our waterproofing tanking kits cover 8 sq metres after two coats have been applied. A kit contains 1ltr primer, 25m reinforcement tape and a 12 kg container of membrane.

Wet rooms need a proper foundation and this is probably the most important part of a wet room.  You must have a stable wet room floor, slopes that enable the water to run away into a suitable drain and a 100% watertight barrier.

There are two different ways to create your wet rooms.

Option 1: Wet Area

diy-wet-room-foundation-processCreate a wet room where traditionally your shower would be. The system is installed in the normal manner (Installation) but only within the designated shower area.


  • Form slopes with the screed starting 30cm outside your shower area as this will help protect the floor when stepping out of the shower to dry.
  • Shower floor and walls should be tanked and taken 30cm outside the shower area.
  • Remember areas that are not tanked are not water proof and water will not drain away on a flat surface.

Option 2: Traditional Scandinavian style complete wet rooms

Unidrain Inspirational 2014_Page_02_Image_0001Wet Rooms Installation, but with the entire floor laid with screed stablizing your floor and allowing slopes to suit your requirements.  The complete floor and the shower walls will be tanked.


  • Create a slight slope (2mm-3mm) from the door way to protect from water migration into the room next door.
  • For a very small ensuite, why not put a gentle slope on all of the floor
  • Tank the entire wet room floor area with the watertight membrane
  • Tank the shower walls, taking the membrane 30cm outside the shower area
  • Tank the remaining wet room  walls 30cm up from the bottom.

Still concerned about leaks?  Go Scandinavian and tank all of your wet room,shower room or bathroom!

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