Wet Room DIY Kits

Lip Wetroom Kit


Kit includes:

  • 1 Ltr of 54 Primer
  • 20m Roll of Reinforcement Tape
  • 12 Kgs Lip VS30 Tanking Membrane

Lip tanking kits are high quality and the best on the market.  The membrane is a liquid paint on application using a roller or brush, perfect for corners and difficult angles. Unlike other tanking kits this product will waterproof 8 square meters after 2 coats have been applied

When dry the liquid creates a one piece elastic 100% water proof barrier.  Ideally suited to UK construction, it will stretch and move with the building.

  • Suitable of application on most substrates including wood and cement based products.
  • Non solvent
  • Compatible with electric and water based under floor heating
  • Available to purchase in kit format or each component individually.


  • Easy to apply paint on application.
  • When wet can be wiped off if required
  • Only 1mm thick after two applications
  • Dries as a one piece application – no weak joints
  • Stretches up to 4mm when used in conjunction with reinforcement tape


Unislope Kit

  • Open Plan Bathroom that creates more attractive space
  • Facilitae a shower where a traditional shower may not be viable
  • Protect shower from moisture damage and leaks

1k Range

1k-3images2Benefits of 1k Range

  • One way Unislope ideal when using large tiles or stone slabs
  • Drain is wall mounted for easy installation
  • Level floor access is achievable
  • Removable trap for easy cleaning
  • No need to stand on the drain while showering as the drain is positioned against the wall
  • Solvent Free paint-on membrane

2k Range

The Unislope 2K range places a drain in the corner of a room against two walls so there is no need to stand on the drain when you are having a shower. The maximum thickness of the preformed slope is 19mm . This allows for level floor access without altering the floor levels outside the wetroom. The preformed slope can we cut to any shape using a domestic saw.

This is available in two grate styles.


4k Range

4k-3images2Benefits of 4k Range

  • Four way slope ideal for any tile
  • Removable waste trap for easy cleaning
  • Solvent Free paint-on membrane
  • Level floor access is achievable

For More detailed information about the UniSlope range download the PDF brochure here.

For Installation Videos click here