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unidrain wetroom supplies
unidrain wet room productsThe wet room floor drain is the key element to any successful walk in shower. It must be compatible with the wet room system and the floor profile. Unidrain allows you to live out your design dreams.
The World’s First linear wet room drain transforms your bathroom and creates a sense of luxury and style. Made of high quality stainless steel which ensures optimum strength with great resistance to corrosion and unsurpassed ease of cleaning.
By installing the Unidrain system to create your wet room ensures both wall and floor surfaces are waterproofed and that is our GUARANTEE.
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Benefits of Unidrain.

  • Unidrain is positioned neatly against the wall, no more standing on a cold grate
  • Easy clean separate water trap
  • High Capacity 0.8ltr/sec
  • Available in a full range of sizes
  • A variety of different grate styles to choose from.
  • Single-sided floor slopes, allowing for stylish large tiles and stone slabs
  • Tiles can be flush with the drain with different frame heights
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy installation into wooden and concrete floors.