Our patented wall mounted Drains allows you to create a wet room with one slope which allows you to

  • Use Large Tiles and have less Grout lines
  • Not Stand on the drain in the shower

and our drains have unique benefits

  • No Stagnant water in the drain due to a unique internal slope
  • Full range of outlets including Low profile Outlets with Odourless Water traps and therefore no foul smells
  • High Volume water intake for power showers and Easy to Clean
  • With our Unidrain Highline Range, you can now tile into the drain and it becomes Invisible.
  • Large Vertical and Horizontal Metal Extensions for Secure Waterproofing
  • bba-logo-largeBBA Approved

We supply and assemble drains to order and in many cases they can be custom made.

Our vast range of Drains can be broken down into the following categories

Wall Mounted Linear Drains


Can be placed against the 1, 2 or 3 walls. The number of wall Flanges will vary to suit position of Drain.

view-brochuredetail-brochure  watch-install

Wall Mounted Corner Drains


Can be placed in the corner against two walls

view-brochure watch-install

Centre Linear Drains


Can be placed in the Middle of the floor

view-brochuredetail-brochure watch-install

 Centre Square Drains


Can be placed in the Middle of the floor

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