What is a wet room?

A wet room is a tiled shower area without the need for a plastic tray in either a concrete or wooden joist floor structure. The wet room concept originates from Scandinavia and contrary to some belief it can be install upstairs on a wooden floor. It can be any shape and size as the client is not confined by a shower tray size.

wetroomA wet room allows you to have level floor access provided the area has been recessed sufficiently. This makes it ideal for Wheel Chair Access and creates a unique minimalist look within the bathroom. Our gallery shows the vast variety of finishes that can be achieved.

It is important to ensure the right materials are used in the wet room build. Specialist Wet Room Drains, Wet Room Screeds or preformed sloped trays, Waterproofing Membranes and Wet Area Tiles Adhesives are a must.

The starting point is the type and location of the Drain. The drain must be the lowest point in the bathroom and the floor build up will be determined by the drain and the size of the wet area.

There are two options available in the creation of a Wet Room prior to tiling. The first option is to buy a wet room kit which contains the drain, preformed plastic tray and tanking membrane which is called Unislope . This tends to be ideal for a Wooden Floor structure. The other option is to install a Drain, create the falls to the drain using a specialist screed and then apply a waterproof membrane which dries as one piece and creates a “Tanked Area “in the bathroom ( View Products ).

We have a unique patented suite of products that allows our clients to place the drain against the wall which mean one slope to the drain, large tiles can be used and no need to stand on the drain while in the shower (view drains)